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Gold Member Terms + Conditions

Congratulations on becoming a Danoz Direct Gold Member!

As a Gold Member you are entitled to 25% discount for LIFE across all products when you purchase through our online store or via our call centre by calling 0800 400 104. Products purchased in third party retail stores will not carry the Gold Member discount, you must purchase directly through Danoz Direct.

Please also read the Terms and Conditions section of our website as those Terms and Conditions are also applicable to all purchases

Gold Membership Terms and Conditions:

  1. To activate your membership you must call 0800 400 104 and speak with one our representatives who will set you up, help you complete your purchase and send out your new Gold Membership card in the mail
  2. To activate membership you must purchase a product at the time of activation
  3. You will be entitled to 25% discount for life. From time to time we will contact you with additional members only offers and deals. Please advise your customer service representative upon activation if you do not wish to be contacted further
  4. Discount my not be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions
  5. Discount is off the RRP listed on our website
  6. All discounts are final
  7. Members will need to use the Gold Members code for online purchases, which will be provided upon activation. This code may not be transferred to family or friends, however they may sign up FREE for their own registered Gold Membership by contacting, calling 0800 400 104 or filling out their details below

For any inquiries please call 0800 400 104 or email us at

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