FlavorStone® Master Set 24cm

FlavorStone® Master Set 24cm

FlavorStone® Master Set 24cm

  • Gemstone tough non-stick
  • Super conductive base for energy efficiency
  • PFOA free
  • Food retains its natural flavours and juices
  • Just wipe to clean
  • Quicker, healthier, delicious meals
  • Suitable for electric, gas, induction and ceramic hob types

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Regular Price: NZ$199.80

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Regular Price: NZ$199.80
plus $14.95 P&H

FlavorStone® Master Set 24cm


FlavorStone® - The versatile non-stick Sapphire™ cookware!

You can now stir fry, deep fry, grill and stove-top bake plus save time and energy with FlavorStone®. Enjoy the natural flavours of your food and consume fewer calories by reducing the need to add butter or oil. FlavorStone® advanced cookware only requires half or less of the usual burner setting on your electric, gas or ceramic hob. It's so efficient and very easy to clean. No more soaking or scrubbing or having to use unpleasant chemicals, simply wipe clean with a paper towel. FlavorStone® is also dishwasher safe. The gemstone-tough non-stick Sapphire™ coating will help you save time and money and help you to maintain a good and healthy diet full of natural flavours.

flavorstone non-stick pans

Roast, grill, bake, sauté, stir fry, deep fry & more

flavorstone cooking

flavorstone pan


fry pan

fish dish

Turn off the oven - put away the wok

turn off the oven

With FlavorStone®, whether you want to fry, sauté, bake or even accidentally burn it, practically nothing sticks. Now you can cook foods on your stove that you could never attempt before! Make stove-top pizza, lasagne, one pan pot roast and even 60 second quesadillas!

fry  Fry

grill  Grill

sear  Sear

saute  Sauté

bake  Bake

roast  Roast

stir-fry  Stir Fry


FlavorStone® Set Includes

The contents of your FlavorStone® set:

  • FlavorStone® 24cm Sauté Pan
  • FlavorStone® 24cm Deluxe Deep Pan
  • FlavorStone® 24cm Casserole Pan
  • FlavorStone® 24cm Lid
  • FlavorStone® 16cm Sauce Pan -
    FREE GIFT ($49.95 value)
  • Genius Speed Slicer -
    FREE GIFT ($49.95 value)
flavorstone pans

24cm Sauté Pan

flavorstone pans

24cm Deluxe Deep Pan

flavorstone casserole pan

24cm Casserole Pan

flavorstone lid

24cm Lid

flavorstone sauce pan

BONUS 16cm Sauce Pan

flavorstone slicer

BONUS Genius Speed Slicer

FlavorStone® Deluxe Deep Pan does it all!

The FlavorStone® Deluxe Deep Pan has its own glass tempered lid and venting outlet, allowing steam to escape to avoids messy boil-overs. The ergonomically designed resin handle has a pleasant feel and is "cool-touch". Its specially designed multi-ply base distributes the heat evenly. It's so efficient that you only need 180ºC, 350ºF, gas mark 4, medium setting or lower - saving you energy!

Included in our offer you will also receive FlavorStone® Quick & Easy Recipes book, which includes delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

flavorstone pans do it all

PFOA free & gemstone-tough Sapphire coating

The good news is that FlavorStone®'s specially designed gemstone-tough and non-stick Sapphire coating is free from PFOA! Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA, is a synthetic chemical which is usually a component in non-stick coatings and if ingested remains in people for a long time which is not very desirable. It is also scratch resistant and prevents virtually anything from sticking to it. Egg whites, cheese, chocolate, bacon and even melted plastic do not stick to it. Best of all is that clean-up is a breeze.

flavorstone pans

No pan "hot-spots" & save energy!

FlavorStone® cookware can be used on your electric, gas or ceramic hob. Each pan has a super-efficient multi-ply base which instantly radiates the heat throughout the entire pan in seconds. This helps eliminate pan "hot-spots", allowing your food to cook evenly without flash burning. In fact, FlavorStone®'s performance is so effective that you only need 180ºC, 350ºF, gas mark 4, medium setting or lower! saving you energy.

even efficient heating

Superconductive multi-ply base

flavorstone multi-ply base

FREE - The Ultimate Mandoline Slicer!

The Genius Speed Slicer slices vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese and more, all with lightning speed. You can slice an onion extra thick, extra quick. Slice it wafer thin in seconds or chop it all without shedding a tear. You can julienne vegetables for the perfect stir fry, slice cheese or meat for a pizza and make shoestring fries right into the bowl. It even comes with a large Seal & Store container so you can save your slices for later! The Handigrip keeps fingers safe, while the forever sharp V-blades slice on two sides at once. You also get the Handy Hopper, perfect for slicing small foods like mushrooms, garlic, radishes and strawberries– just fill it, slide it and slice it! When you’re done, down go the blades and up comes the platform for safe storage.

flavorstone multi-ply base

What is FlavorStone™ cookware all about?

With its Sapphire™ non-stick and wear-resistant coating, FlavorStone™ cookware is designed to make cooking fast and easy.

FlavorStone™ cookware has a superconductive multi-ply base. The aluminum alloy base core provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution, while the stainless steel induction base affords optimal and uniform heat distribution.

These elements, combined with the multiple layers of water-base non-stick coating, make FlavorStone™ cookware one of the most versatile and user-friendly product lines available on the market.


How does FlavorStone™ cookware perform over time?

FlavorStone™ cookware is manufactured using the latest advances in technology and design.  FlavorStone™ cookware is highly durable and is designed to last as long as the tough sapphire gemstone that inspired its coating's name.


How tough is the FlavorStone™ cookware Sapphire™ non-stick surface?

FlavorStone™ cookware's Sapphire™ non-stick surface is highly durable. If the cookware's care instructions are carefully followed, the Sapphire™ surface is tough and built to last. FlavorStone™ cookware's Sapphire™ non-stick surface is highly stain resistant.

FlavorStone™ cookware should not be used on higher than medium to low stove settings. The temperature used should never exceed 230oC/446oF.


Can I use oil, butter or other non-stick products with my FlavorStone™ pans?

Yes, you can opt to add oil, butter or other non-stick agents, although you may consider adding less than you would normally use with other cookware. You may consider brushing your pan's interior with a small amount of cooking oil when preparing foods that tend to stick when cooked.


How do I care for and clean my FlavorStone™ cookware?

As with any cookware, reasonable care must be taken to preserve your FlavorStone™ cookware. FlavorStone™ cookware can be cleaned without detergent by simply wiping the surface with a paper towel and rinsing under hot water.

Occasionally, some food and/or ingredients will stick to the cookware's exterior and if not cleaned prior to cooking, it may dry. To remove dried food, soak the pan in water and mild detergent or dishwashing liquid to loosen/soften dried food, then wipe away clean and dry.

Occasionally during normal use, the handle may loosen slightly. The handles may be tightened with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Follow these key points in taking care of your FlavorStone™ cookware:

  • Always wash with a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid when washing your FlavorStone™ pans. Wash with water and wipe dry.
  • Never use steel wool, abrasive materials or sharp utensils on your FlavorStone™ cookware non-stick surfaces.
  • Always allow FlavorStone™ cookware to cool before washing.
  • Never try to scrape off any dried food from your FlavorStone™ pans.
  • Use medium to low heat setting to cook your food, because the pans are superconductive. This cookware is NEVER to be used at temperatures over 230oC/446oF.
  • Never place FlavorStone™ cookware in the microwave, conventional oven, on a BBQ grill, broiler, salamander food warmer, or under heat lamps.
  • Check your pans prior to use, to ensure the handles are tight and that no other damage exists.
  • Never use your FlavorStone™ pans to pound or bang another hard surface or frozen food.


Can I wash my FlavorStone™ cookware in the dishwasher?

Yes, FlavorStone™ cookware can be washed in the dishwasher. But keep in mind that there is no need to use the dishwasher after each use. You can easily clean your FlavorStone™ cookware by simply wiping the surface with a paper towel and rinsing under hot water.

Frequent and prolonged use of the dishwasher to clean FlavorStone™ cookware may result in the fading of the color, as well as bubbles appearing on the plastic handles and knobs. The maximum temperature for FlavorStone™ cookware in the dishwasher is 70oC/158oF.


Does FlavorStone™ cookware work on all types of stove tops?

FlavorStone™ cookware works on all types of stove tops. This includes gas flame, electric burner and ceramic stoves. You may wish to use your FlavorStone™ cookware on your induction stove with exception of the FlavorStone™ Square Grill Pan with Ridges which is NOT compatible with induction stoves. However we recommend consulting the manufacturer's safety feature guidelines to confirm the minimum pan diameter suitable for your induction stove surface to function. With exception of the Square Grill Pan, the FlavorStone™ cookware is safe to use on induction stoves.


Why can't I put My FlavorStone™ cookware on a BBQ or open grill surface?

Unlike stove tops that concentrate heat in a controlled space, the heat source in BBQs and stove top grills is not compatible with the size of the bottom of the cookware and the heat can damage the handles of FlavorStone™ cookware.


Why can't I put my FlavorStone™ cookware in the oven?

The handles on FlavorStone™ cookware are not designed to withstand oven temperatures.


Is FlavorStone™ cookware PFOA-Free?

Yes, there is no PFOA present in the FlavorStone™ cookware.


What exactly is PFOA and what are the concerns related to PFOA?

PFOA is an acronym for perfluorooctanoic acid, a synthetic (man-made) chemical. Some studies indicate that PFOA can cause developmental and other adverse effects in laboratory animals. PFOA also appears to remain in the human body for a long time. PFOA has been detected in industrial waste, stain-resistant carpets, carpet cleaning liquids, house dustmicrowave popcorn bags, water, food, and some cookware.

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